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OSK provides a way for Orthodontists to reach new patients by passing out a screening kit and/or offering a pop up screening tool on your website.

Patients complete a virtual screening and our software allows you to provide feedback to the potential patient.

There are many benefits to Orthodontic Screening Kits check out a few of the features below


The Orthodontic Screening Kit Campaigns are suitable for all types of practices and goals.

All Events & All Ages

Examples are not limited to schools, 5K’s, bridal shows, sporting events, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Educate Earlier

A powerful way to reach patients well before the age of 7 and avoid a lot of orthodontic issues.

what are you getting?

The best way to grow your practice period

Convenient at-home Screening Kit

Direct-to-patient education & marketing

Add more patients to your pipeline

Track your marketing & ROI

Airway screening included

HIPAA compliant & patent pending

It’s Simple and Easy to Get Started!

How does the orthoscreening process work?

Step 1

Sign Up and choose your plan

Step 2

Once you have your kits and/or popup tool ordered our team will reachout to you to provide more information

Step 3

Once you have your codes that we will provide you can start offering at home screenings that same day


Orthodontic Screening Kits give an orthodontist the most powerful marketing tool available

We believe that our industry is under attack, and we need to do a better job of reaching patients and parents earlier, in order to educate them on the benefits of seeing an orthodontist before age 7. Our systems have been developed in orthodontic offices by orthodontists. Our commitment is to create awareness that connects patients directly to the orthodontist.
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